A Geek in a Zombie Apocolypse

I am a fan of The Walking Dead TV series (@WalkingDead_AMC). For those who have not seen it, the show is about a group of people trying to stay alive after a zombie outbreak.

Could a geek be able to use his talents to help him survive in a zombie apocolypse?

In order for the geek to apply his talents a few things are a must.

  • He has managed to stay alive after the start of a zombie apocolypse.
  • He has enough food so that he is not spending all day looking for his next meal.
  • He has found an electrical power source plus a compupter or two, soldering iron, testing equipment, electronic parts, some single board computers (Raspberry Pi, Arduinos) and so on.

With those necessities in place, what kind of things can a geek make to help him survive for a longer period of time?

  • Motion detectors would be great for early warning incase he is not a fast runner.
  • Remote cameras on robots to view the path ahead so he will not be walking/running into a pack of zombies.
  • Distraction devices that use light and/or sound, so he can enter an area after the zombies have moved away.

It probably isn't too early for geeks to start preparing for the zombie apocolypse.

The CDC has a zombie preparediness site where you can download the novella that is about how to prepare yourself for all emergencies just not a zombie apocolypse.